Do you ever get the munchies?

So Do we. Let’s Eat!

Dinner & a Movie

Birthday Party

Silent Headphone Party

Private BBQ Party

Wine Tasting

The Adult Prom – 80’s

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One of our all-time favorite delights is BBQ, whether we’re savoring it indoors or indulging in an open-air feast. It effortlessly evokes memories of carefree picnics and joyful family moments. Come join The Munchie Mob and dive into a messy, finger-licking experience, relishing in the absolute best of BBQ food.

Pizza Party – Free to Attend

It’s a Pizza Party… well Pizza and Pasta. Let’s get the party started in your city with delicious food, refreshing drinks, and the most incredible people. Join the Munchie Mob and indulge in a fantastic time that will leave you grinning from ear to ear.

Cover That song – Karaoke Dinner

Enjoy the live performances over dinner as we introduce some of the most amazing indie artist that cover songs from the 90s. 

It’s Date Night! 

It’s incredibly romantic! At The Munchie Mob, we create the most enchanting setting for your perfect date night. From the captivating music to the charming atmosphere, we ensure a truly unforgettable experience.

Dinner & Movie

Dinner and a movie at one of our favorite movie theaters. Let them bring the food and drinks to you while you enjoy the movie. What movie are we watching? We’ll let you know when you get there. Seriously,  we don’t know but there’s food and drinks so whatever it is, it’s going to be good.

Comedy & Dinner

Join us for a night of laughs at one of the funniest local comedy shows. Sit back and enjoy as we eat, laugh, and drink up the mixed drinks. This is an adult fun outing and perfect for a great date night.  

Brunch – $10 Fundraiser

Join The Munchie Mob for a powerful blend of networking and brunch, all wrapped into one incredible event. By being a part of this fundraiser, you’ll not only ignite your own success, but also contribute to our mission of providing essential books to college students at HBCUs. Together, let’s uplift the educational experience for these students and make a lasting impact.

Wine Down Wednesday – Free to attend 

Oh hey, it’s Wednesday and that means it’s wine o’clock all across the country! Time to sip on some fabulous wines, mingle with awesome peeps and have a good laugh. Join The Munchie Mob and let’s uncork the fun together!

Wine, Dessert & Dish – $10 Fundraiser

Helping one of our favorite non profits raise money to feed the homeless. Great wine, dessert and delcious food. 

The Scavanger Hunt for Cash

The fun begins when you start to search for clues to uncover cash and prizes in our Restaurant Scavanger Hunt.

Single Mingle

The Munchie Mob invites you to a fun-filled meet up designed exclusively for singles. Join us for an evening of mingling, laughter, and maybe one, two, or even three drinks! Our friendly host will introduce you to fellow guests, making it a breeze to connect, even if you’re a little shy. Get ready to meet new friends and create lasting memories at The Munchie Mob!

That’s so trivial

Well if you love munching and pondering simultaneously, then The Munchie Mob has just the event for you! Join us for a delightful evening of trivia at one of our beloved eateries, where you can indulge in the finest drinks around. Whether you bring a partner who might outsmart you or one who might need a little assistance, there’s no need to worry because we’re all about having a good time, without any judgment. So come on over and let the good times and good food roll!

Adult Prom – $35

Missed your prom or miss your prom? We have an great spring time event planned for you. Get your date and crosage ready.


Great networking

“YESSS! I brought my friends with me and met some great like-minded people who simply loved to get together, eat great food, and laugh. .”  Axel Farrow

Now that was fun...

“I know that my husband and I go to dinner all the time but there is something about going out and talking to a group of people all helping an organization raise funds for a good cause. ”  L. C. Martin